buy cheap viagra online next day delivery Here are more tasks for you to try in your classroom. I ordered the tasks according to grade levels: elementary at the top with middle and high school tasks towards the bottom.

Linear Measurement Task By Mary Beth Blake & Marcy Wood

Elementary: Measurement, Addition & Subtraction, Numerical Reasoning

Measuring Cups

Adapted from Illustrative Mathematics' Measuring Cups Task.

Upper Elementary: Addition & Subtraction of Fractions

The Locker Problem

A classic problem that can be adapted for grades 4 - 10! Currently, Illustrative Mathematics has a version for Grade 4.

Upper Elementary, Middle, and Early High School: Factors, Multiples, Patterns, Algebraic Reasoning

Ordering Rational Numbers

By Marcy Wood & Larisa Velasco

Elementary & Middle: Numerical Reasoning and constructing arguments, rational numbers

Row Homes Task

Adapted from Matt Felton's Houses Task from

Upper Elementary, Middle, & Early High School: Algebraic and Geometric reasoning, patterns, can explore linear relationships, slope, and y-intercept.

Making Cents

By Lisa Jilk

Middle and High School: Measurement, Area, Operations with rational numbers