Mathematics Makes Sense!

buy pfizer Lyrica online Sense-making in mathematics is the most important instructional goal, but can be difficult to achieve because it takes time; sometimes more time that we are willing to admit or allow. It is also hard to "see" - if a student produces a correct answer does that mean he or she has made sense of the mathematics? If a student can explain his or her thinking is that evidence of sense-making? I would say yes, but there is more to it, too. Students need to make connections between their own ideas and experiences and the mathematics. They need to use manipulatives and draw pictures to represent their ideas about the mathematics. Students need to apply ideas to new situations, create and test their own mathematical conjectures, and analyze and evaluate the validity of others' ideas in order to think flexibly and fluently about numbers, shapes, equations, functions, data, patterns, and their relationships.


Teaching Materials

Here are some mathematical tasks and other teaching materials that I've created or gathered because they are worth sharing!

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Select presentations and supplemental materials - if you want to learn more.

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Here are some fabulous resources that I have started compiling. This list is by no means complete or exhaustive, but it's a great place to start.

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